Miss 3 - croup at night, bouncing by day

Miss 3 has come down with Croup.  I have somehow managed to avoid Croup over the past 6 years with the girls, so when I heard the trademark “bark” cough, I got a shudder up my spine. Straight down to the doctor who confirmed my suspicion that yes, it is in fact Croup.  After a […]

Bimbi Park camping under the koalas

As a family we LOVE to go camping – every single chance we get, off we go for a few nights – sometimes with friends, and sometimes by ourselves. Before our first camping trip, only 12 months ago, I was positive that I was going to absolutely hate it.  I am a girl that always stays in […]

Materials for Tile Coasters

My beautiful hubby bought me a Silhouette Cameo – just because! I love to play around with arts and crafts, and fell in love with this machine as soon as I saw reviews about it on the Internet.  I started looking in to how much it would cost to ship to Australia (as it wasn’t available here […]

I LOVE children’s parties! I love planning them, doing all the little bits and pieces to pull it all together! I have already started planning Miss 6’s party – and her birthday isn’t until December!!   Though to be honest I’m probably going to need all of that time to be prepared given how busy […]

I am all about candles at the moment!  I did a Soy Candle Making Class with my beautiful girlfriend Belinda, and since then, have been melting up a storm!  It is so easy, and so cheap.  This surprised me – I always have candles burning at home, or scented melts, and I know that I […]

Miss 6

What a week this has been!  Life is hectic, full on and I feel like I have a steam roller nipping at my heels ready to run me down. Miss 6 is back at school full time this week. Prep’s have each Wednesday off for the first four weeks.  Last Wednesday was her ‘prep assessment’, […]


LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest!!  Not sure if you have found it or not – but it’s a place that you can save all your favourite images, a place to make ‘mood boards’ or ‘idea boards’ if your planning a wedding, party or anything in between!! I have been Pinning crazily now for a few months […]