Toddler in the house!

Looks so innocent - but is so mischievous!

Looks so innocent – but is so mischievous!

My youngest, Miss 1, is the busiest child I have ever met! From the minute we wake up (at 6am mind you!) she does not stop. Does. Not. Stop. She is go go go go running from one thing to the other, emptying one cupboard and moving on to the next, running away from me as I chase her and clean up her tornado path of destruction as she goes!

Yesterday, she was quietly running in and out of the lounge room. I was washing the dishes, and thought ‘she’s happy, she’s quiet, she can’t be getting up to much mischief”. All the doors to the bathrooms and such are always kept closed to stop Miss Destruction from getting up to too much trouble.

After about 10 minutes, I thought i had better check and see what she is doing, running in and out. I followed her… to……the toilet! One of my older girls had left the door open and Miss 1 had decided to see “what would float” and had been running in to the lounge room, getting items out of her nappy change bucket, and dumping them in the toilet!

And so i had to go fishing….. in the toilet bowl…… for creams, powder, nail files, cotton balls, face washers, thermometer. Squeals of laughter from Miss 1 who thought it was hilarious – lots of antibacterial hand-wash (despite the gloves!) for mum.

Needless to say i checked all the bathroom and toilet doors myself this morning!

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