Deck the halls! Christmas is coming!

I look back and can’t believe the year is almost over.  It has passed me by in a complete whirlwind. Miss 0 joined our family, Miss 4 is nearly finished kinder and off to school, and Miss 7 is heading in to grade 2.

Keeping on top of three kids, their appointments, playdates, activities as well as running the household has my head in a spin – and so my resolution for the rest of this year and next is to be more organised! So i dare say my future posts are going to be about my attempts to bring the Hart family in to line and be organised!

On a different note, Christmas is coming!!! I LOVE Christmas! I love watching the look of wonder on my girls faces as they talk about Santa, baby Jesus, what they will ask Santa for, what they will give to another child to make their Christmas special.  I find this time of the year brings out the absolute best in them, and am proud that I am raising such sensitive, caring and compassionate girls.

This year we have started a new tradition, and so with some flourish and build up, on the 1st December “Elfie” – our resident Elf on the Shelf joined us! The girls are having so much fun waking up each morning and finding him and talking about the mischief he has been up to! Coming up with new ideas each day is challenging, but between hubby and I, I think we are doing ok!!


Day 1 – welcome Elfie!


Day 2 – cruising with monster high!


Day 3 – Riding Rex


Day 4 – Time for a movie

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