Croup has hit the Hart House – and I wish it would leave…

Miss 3 - croup at night, bouncing by day

Miss 3 – croup at night, bouncing by day

Miss 3 has come down with Croup.  I have somehow managed to avoid Croup over the past 6 years with the girls, so when I heard the trademark “bark” cough, I got a shudder up my spine. Straight down to the doctor who confirmed my suspicion that yes, it is in fact Croup.  After a lengthy discussion we decided to try and manage it without the steroid medication as it is only a mild case, with the understanding that if anything changes, its straight to the Children’s Hospital.  So I rubbed Vix’s on her chest, back and feet and settled in next to her thinking that it would be a slightly rough night, but not too bad once she was asleep.

Night one I didn’t sleep much at all. I kept Miss 3 in our bed, and just hovered over her all night.   She sounded terrible, coughing, tossing and turning, so I spent most of the night rubbing her back and stroking her hair to keep her calm. I had the Vapourizer going, gurgling along in the background which seems to have hypnotised HH, who slept like a log all night!

Wake up in the morning and Miss 3 looked terrible – like she hadn’t slept all night either. I looked like a swamp monster – dragging my feet, deep dark circles under my eyes with just a grunt for a response. Miss 3 lay on the couch not moving whilst I got Miss 6 ready for school. After Miss 6 had left, all of a sudden, Miss 3 came to life and was bouncing around, playing, singing and talking up a storm! Reanimation at it’s best! She was her happy bubbly self until 4pm when the chill begins, and then she just ‘crashed’ and the bark came back. And so night 2 was a repeat of night 1.

This morning she is still coughing a little bit, but seems quite chirpy, sitting down to watch Peppa Pig with her yoghurt, smiling and singing.

How long does Croup last for?? I am dreading Night 3.

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