DIY Tile Coasters

My beautiful hubby bought me a Silhouette Cameo – just because! I love to play around with arts and crafts, and fell in love with this machine as soon as I saw reviews about it on the Internet.  I started looking in to how much it would cost to ship to Australia (as it wasn’t available here at home), and began dreaming. But not for long!!  Soon a gorgeous Silhouette Cameo arrived here at home – along with my mum (who lives in Texas)!!!  Double surprise, double joy!!

Since then I have been playing around with cutting different shapes, different textures, and decided that for Mother’s Day I would make my Mother-In-Law a set of coasters for her outdoor area.  MIL loves Black and White, and intricate, elegant designs, so I think I have created the perfect coaster for her – but we will find out soon!  I have not been able to give these too her yet, as we have not managed to catch up (we do live a distance apart, so it takes some real planning and time commitment to catch up!)

These coasters turned out better than I had hoped – and quite cheap too!

Materials I used:

  • 8 ceramic tiles (shiny finish) from Bunnings – $1.49 each
  • Two pieces of black cardstock
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Mod Podge
  • 32 small Self adhesive felt/foam circles
  • Acrylic Sealer spray
  • Sheet of plastic to cover working surface

The perfect partnership - Mac and Cameo

The perfect partnership!  My Cameo and Mac working together seamlessly! This is the Cameo cutting the design I needed for the Tile Coasters. The Cameo program is quite simple to use once you master the basics, and it was a matter of selecting the shape I wanted, arranging it on the screen as to how I wanted it to print out, and pressing the “CUT” button.

Materials for Tile Coasters

Materials for Tile Coasters

I had read in other blogs about the potential for the colour to leak out of the paper on to the tile when the Mod Podge is applied, so to counteract this, I first sealed each shape (back and front) with the Acrylic Sealer. 
Mod Podge Time

Mod Podge Time

Next up – Mod Podge! I used a paint brush for this step – I found it created a better finish that the foam rollers – no bubbles, and I was able to evenly spread the Mod Podge around the coaster, as it had a tendency to build up in the corners of the shape. I put a thin coat on the actual tile – making sure it looked “rough” – this provides better adhesive for the card shape.  Next, I carefully positioned the shape where I wanted it – but thankfully there is some time and room to play as I rarely got the shape where I wanted it first go!

Once the shape is position, with the paintbrush, I applied another coat of Mod Podge over the top and down the sides of the tile.  In case your not aware, Mod Podge goes on white but dries clear – so don’t panic!

I allowed about 1.5 hours between coats, and I applied two coats of Mod Podge. You could keep going and apply as many coats as you want to, but I thought two was enough.

Time to seal the coaster

Time to seal the coaster

Ok – not the best photo – but by this time it was getting dark, the girls were running around between my legs, and I was struggling to get a good shot!!
After the last coat of Mod Podge, I waited for 3 hours so that it was completely dry.  I then used the Acrylic Sealer to “seal” to coaster – back, front and sides.  As Mod Podge can become mushy again when wet, the acrylic sealer is needed to allow drinks to be put on it, and the tile to be wiped, with no damage to the actual tile design.  I did two coats of the sealer, (back, front and sides) and waited 30 minutes between coats to be sure it was dry.
When I first used the sealer, I was a bit heavy handed and there was areas that appeared slightly yellow.  I had begun panicking a bit, unsure of how to fix it, however *thankfully* it dried clear – and I was REALLY careful on subsequent tiles and coats to be very ‘light handed’ with the spray!
Once its all dry, time to apply the small adhesive felt circles and TA DAH – Gorgeous Tile Coasters!!

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