What a week!

What a week this has been!  Life is hectic, full on and I feel like I have a steam roller nipping at my heels ready to run me down.

Miss 6 is back at school full time this week. Prep’s have each Wednesday off for the first four weeks.  Last Wednesday was her ‘prep assessment’, and whilst we were hopeful for some positive news about her skill level given this is her second year at prep, it was not to be. Miss 6 is still stumbling over letters, basic words, will know them one minute, and not have a clue the next.  We have been doing lots of reading and writing, practising of the golden words at home, but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference. She has dropped a level in her reading.  I just don’t know where to go from here.  Possibly an educational assessment to see if there are any other contributing factors as to why she doesn’t seem to retain information at school.  Whats most frustrating is that she can recall the most tiny of detail if it’s a subject she loves, or a show she can’t get enough of.

Miss 6 has started saying she has a ‘sore tummy’ each morning and can’t go to school. She wants to be in Grade 1 with her ‘old’ friends. When I talk to her each morning, tell her she has to go to school and try to get her to open up about what is upsetting her, she tells me I am ‘hurting her hart’.  Why do kids know how to pull and manipulate their parent’s emotion’s so easily?

On top of this my father-in-law has just been told he has kidney failure and will need to go on dialysis within the next few months if he deteriorates any further. Apparently this is from untreated high blood pressure.  He is refusing to consider dialysis at this at this time. This has broken my husbands heart. Whilst he understands and respects his father’s decision, he is devastated that our girls won’t have the chance to grow up with him in their life. I think he is also harbouring some anger as well, but he can’t seem to work out where to direct it. After some thought, I went out and bought HH a video camera. I’m a mum that always has a camera stuck to my face, but not so big on video camera’s.  HH is always at me to film more, so now he can. He can capture some special moments between the girls and their Poppy on film, so he can always be remembered easily.

But to add fuel to the fire, HH has also been told he has high blood pressure. This has thrown us for a six as he is only 32 – not something we ever thought we would have to deal with so early. Thankfully we are both doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT to change our lifestyle, and have both lost weight each week for the past 4 weeks. We are going to meet with the doctor and have him reviewed in 3 more weeks, and hopefully we will receive some positive news….otherwise it’s off to the library (google) to learn as much as I can about high blood pressure!

But life is still good!  We are planning our Easter Camping Trip to the Otways (Victoria) and can’t wait to take the girls on the Otway Tree Top walk and Glow Worm night tour. It should be amazing!

                                                                                                                                           Miss 6 (Horse crazy) and Miss 3 (motorbike mad)

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