LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest!!  Not sure if you have found it or not – but it’s a place that you can save all your favourite images, a place to make ‘mood boards’ or ‘idea boards’ if your planning a wedding, party or anything in between!! I have been Pinning crazily now for a few months and still can’t get enough! It has completely replaced my Facebook addiction!

I am ”obsessed’ with kids parties, so I have a collection of Party Boards with ideas  of what other people have done for their children’s parties, as well as a host of Home boards for each room in the house where I am saving ideas of what I would  love to do one day when we build in the near future.  HH keeps telling me that I am a dreamer, to focus on the now, but I prefer to think that I am just putting our ‘goal’ in to pictures – we are still arguing on this point!  Even Miss 6 is enjoying Pinterest. We get on together, put in a search tag, and look at all that comes up together. It has been good for her I think, as I am asking her to put a story to the picture (which is a picture of her choice, so always horse related), and this exercise helps with her literacy difficulties she has been experiencing. There are no rules, no boundaries and the stories can go as far as her imagination takes her. I really should start writing or recording some of the things she comes up with – no adult could bend and twist a story like a child can!

Thankfully Pinterest has a large community of ‘Pinners’ so I know I am not alone in my obsession.

Here’s a link to my boards:

Chelsea Hart chelcb on Pinterest.

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