My Little Jedi – Made With Love

If, like me, you LOVE kids parties, you will adore this online magazine!  I have just stumbled across My Little Jedi and am estatic!  This magazine (and blog) has  heaps of different ideas for kids (and us big kids) parties, how to put them together, suppliers, everything!

It can be so hard to find good information about kids parties all in one place, and my bookmarks list is getting longer and longer with hundreds of different sites that have a little bit of information about how to make something, how to colour co-ordinate etc etc.  My Little Jedi has it all!

There is also an Online Shop that sells Printable’s for different party themes – and it is often something as simple as a Printable Pack that can personalise the Party and take it from Ordinary to Extraordinary. In saying that, there are also a number of sellers on Etsy that do Party Printable’s, and will customise to your party and information.

My Little Jedi – Made With Love.

Another Blog that I am in love with at the moment and checking frequently is Lily Chic Events.  Beautiful photos for inspiration for parties, with an online shop to take the inspirations to reality!

Soon I will have to compile a list of all the party websites that i frequent, as it has taken me ages to find them and they are all amazing in their own way.


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