First day of Prep….again!

Miss 6

Miss 6

Today Miss 6 had her first day of Prep….again!  Yes, she is repeating her prep year for a number of reasons.  She has been diagnosed with Mild Auditory Processing Disorder, which basically means that she processes information a little bit differently and so it can take her a little bit longer to grasp concepts and information. This showed itself last year not only in the class room, but also the playground. As her friends started playing games that had more and more rules, she just couldn’t keep up as she just couldn’t understand all the rules.  She had lots of friends, but had not formed a ‘best friend’ relationship with anyone, and the school thought this was an area of concern.

At first I was devastated when i found out that she would be repeating and was having these problems.  I was so scared about what others would say, if she would be bullied, if she would think badly of herself, if it would destroy her fragile self confidence, what could i have done differently as mum to prepare her.  The school spoke about Miss 6 been very quiet, spending time by herself at lunch time and lacking confidence. This is such a contrast to the child we know at home, who is full of confidence, loves to talk, is very social and has many friends.  I spoke with HH, and in the end, it had to be about what was best for Miss 6 and our own fears and concerns could not come in to it.

But all the worry was for nothing!  The school have been amazing, telling Miss 6 that she needs to repeat Prep so that she can be a leader for the new Prep’s coming through, and also to help her learn even more so she is really ready for Grade 1 next year.  They then told her friends from last year that Miss 6 had been ‘chosen’ to do ‘Option 2’ and be a leader – as a result they are all upset that they are not doing ‘option 2’ and doing Prep again! Miss 6 has some understanding that she is repeating because she needs more time to “practise” and learn, but ultimately she believes she is repeating to be a leader and is so chuffed about this!

Miss 6 came home today and rattled off a list of new friends she has made, how she helped them all learn where the toilets are, what the ‘school rules’ are, where to hang their blazers etc etc.  She finished her set work today in the time frame given for the first time ever and was just beaming when she walked out of the class room!  My heart skipped a beat and now I feel on top of the world!  Clearly, we have made the best decision for Miss 6, and now I expect that she will really blossom this year.

Been a mother is like a constant journey on a roller coaster ride – all the feelings of the ups and downs seem to be heightened, some take your breathe away, others make you want to close your eyes and scream. One thing is for certain, it is never dull, boring or without reward!

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