Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12wbt) – I’m In!

Michelle Bridges 12wbt

Michelle Bridges 12wbt – the new me!

Well, I have signed up for Michelle Bridges 12wbt! I have reached a point where I am willing to give anything a go to try and shed the extra 10 kilos I have picked up along the way since having two beautiful girls.

Growing up I never had to worry about my weight – I was active, had that fast metabolism that you seem to have when your younger and ate well. Then I went to uni and alcohol entered the equation and exercise left – who has time to exercise when you seem to be constantly fighting a hangover?!  By the time I met my Handsome Hubby (HH) I was working full time and always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t exercise, couldn’t make it to the gym etc.  We had just started running together when I found out I was pregnant with Makayla, so of course that all went out the door.

Both girls were born via c-section and I have really struggled to shed any weight from my stomach area. Recently I worked with a personal trainer 3 times a week, however because i really had NO clue how to really cook and eat healthy, I failed. And so now I am going to try Michelle Bridges 12wbt!  I am excited about this program though. The before and after pics of many who have completed the program previously are AMAZING! The program provides an eating plan, a shopping list, the exercises, but of course lots of learning, which we know Michelle loves from the Biggest Loser!

HH is doing the program with me for support, and to make sure we have a complete ‘lifestyle change’ – it can only have good outcomes for our girls right?!  And my best girlfriend has joined up as well – although we are 100kms apart, I am sure that we will be each other’s rock during this journey as we are at all other times.

My goal is to lose 10 kilos and be able to run 10 kms….. lets see how I go!

(Picture from http://www.tuskagency.com/blog/2011/4/25/12wbt–michelle-bridges/)

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