Hi Blog world! This is my first post on my own blog!  Why??  Not sure who is going to want to read all about me and my musings, and that’s assuming anyone does bother to read this! But it’s not about that for me – It’s about my girls. They are littlies (3 and 6 years) at the moment, but one day they will be be big, bold and beautiful, and just maybe they will want to read this and know what their mum did with her life, what I thought about things, how I felt about others, specially them.  And it’s soooo much easier and quicker than putting pen to paper!

Now for a disclaimer – I am a working mum and wife and I reserve the right to NOT be perfect! This whole ‘blogging’ world is new for me, the terminology is a new language and I am sure I’ll make some right royal muck ups, but I’m learning. It’s a train of thought for me and my girls, and so the journey begins…..

Mak and Ash

My girls

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