For my youngest girls 1st birthday I ummmed and ahhed about what to do. Pink princess?  Pony queen? Rainbow rave? It had to be good, it had to be bright and a real celebration! The first year of Miss 1’s life has been difficult and challenging with her health, sleep problems and HUGE personality (which […]

My youngest, Miss 1, is the busiest child I have ever met! From the minute we wake up (at 6am mind you!) she does not stop. Does. Not. Stop. She is go go go go running from one thing to the other, emptying one cupboard and moving on to the next, running away from me […]

A picture laden post coming up!  Some more snaps of “Elfie” our resident Elf on the Shelf during December!  The girls had such a blast with him, racing around each morning to find him and see what mischief he had been up to over night! Coming up with new ideas every night was challenging at […]

I look back and can’t believe the year is almost over.  It has passed me by in a complete whirlwind. Miss 0 joined our family, Miss 4 is nearly finished kinder and off to school, and Miss 7 is heading in to grade 2. Keeping on top of three kids, their appointments, playdates, activities as […]

I can’t believe how quickly time flies!  It has been over a year since I last sat down to blog, and so much has happened! Around June last year, after months of trying to conceive and many miscarriages, I went in to hospital for a small “clean out” procedure in the hopes that this might […]

Lake Mountain

I am a woman who loves warm weather!  I shudder at the thought of the cold and wet unless I am sitting inside with a hot cup of coffee and looking out on the weather – not experiencing it.  So when HH decided that we should take the girls to the snow this year for the first […]

Bottle wrapped in wool

I came across some beautiful images on Pinterest of wine bottles, of all different shapes and sizes,  wrapped in wool (or yarn as the american’s seem to say!).  I then found the post from Craft Ideas (where the picture above is from) and decided to give it a go!  Finally something attractive to do with all the […]